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1 Stoma-Kit

Because a lot of free requests were made by people who don't need it. Since recently we are asking 50 cents for 1 Stoma-Kit.

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Do you have trouble changing your ostomy material on the go?
My grandmother did, which is why I designed the MENSAM Stoma-Kit.

With the MENSAM Ostomy Kit, you are always prepared when you are on the go. You put it in your bag with the things you need. If you have to change your stoma bag on the way or if you have a leak, you will have less stress! You stick the MENSAM Stoma-Kit to the wall, creating a table with two compartments. One for your used stoma pouch and one for your clean items. Afterwards, you can throw away the MENSAM Stoma-Kit.

  • Never short of hands again
  • Always keep your things in a clean place
  • Discreet disposal

A stoma need not be an obstacle. We try to make life with a stoma a little easier with the MENSAM Stoma-Kit. Experience it for yourself!

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Material & dimensions

Length x width x height: 18 x 15 x 5 cm.

Compartment 1 (clean items): Paper 170 grams
Compartment 2 (used items): Paper 170 grams & the inside plasticized (30 min water resistant)


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Delivery information:
The package fits through the knitting box. No need to stay at home.


If the product is not good, you will receive a new package.

How does the Stoma-Kit work?

1. At home, put the necessary items in the Stoma-Kit.

2. Put the Stoma-Kit in your bag.

3. Are you on the road and need to change? Stick the Stoma-Kit to the desired wall. Now it is possible to change your ostomy pouch with just two hands.

4. Put the full ostomy bag in the Stoma-Kit.

5. Finished changing? Remove the Stoma-Kit from the wall and close it.

6. Throw the Stoma-Kit in a trash can.

  • 1. Preparation

    Put the clean material in the Stoma-Kit at home

  • 2. Hanging

    Stick the Stoma-Kit to a wall

  • 3. Changing

    Put the used ostomy bag in the Stoma-Kit

  • 4. Discard

    Put the clean material in the Stoma-Kit at home

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  • Change your ostomy bag easily

    A pouch, work table and waste bag all in one.

    In the Stoma-Kit you put your necessary items. It fits easily in your bag for travel. Outdoors, you can attach it to any wall with an adhesive strip. This creates a workbench where you can change your stoma pouch with both hands. You put the used ostomy bag in the Stoma-Kit and then throw away the Stoma-Kit completely.

  • Lynda

    "Convenient and discreet...Convenient because you can carry all your ostomy materials in one envelope. The adhesive strip to hang the envelope leaving your hands free and discreet because it is not a transparent bag. Top invention!"

  • Rebecca

    "Super convenient the envelope from Mensam. Fits well in my bag because of the shape. Instantly everything together. Clean stuff, hygienic place to change "hands free" and inconspicuous waste bag. Sticky edge is good solid so you don't have to worry about everything suddenly lying on your feet. And throwing away your dirty stuff in the inconspicuous envelope I also find more pleasant than just using the familiar blue bag. Definitely recommend it!"

  • Danielle

    "I feel so much better when I can go out the door with the Stoma-Kit. Now I have my 'worksheet' with me and can apply it to any place and height I want."

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  • The emergence

    The idea of developing my product was born by my dear grandmother. In 2017, she asked me to come up with a solution to regain mobility with her stoma. After two years of testing, researching and designing, I developed Mensam Stoma-Kit.


    MENSAM Stoma-Kit is a tool that helps ostomates feel more independent and socially mobile again. The result? My grandmother is more independent again and I am very happy that we, not only my grandmother, but also all ostomy wearers can offer a mobile solution.

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