• What is a stoma?

    A stoma is a small piece of intestine that has been taken out through an opening in the abdominal wall. In this way, a new exit for the stool or urine is created. You get a stoma when this is no longer possible through the natural way. A stoma is placed on the large intestine, small intestine or ureters. The stool or urine is collected in a bag, an ostomy bag. This pouch is taped around the stoma with a skin patch.

    The stoma itself is red in color and composed of mucous membrane. The stoma is numb because it contains no nerve endings. It is often thought that a stoma is a disease, but this is not the case. A stoma is an adaptation of your body to save your life or relieve certain pain.

  • When do you get a stoma?

    The insertion of a stoma is necessary when stool or urine can no longer leave the body naturally. The most common causes are:


    1. Colorectal cancer or bladder cancer

    2. Chronic inflammation of the bowel

    3. UlcerosaIncontinenceSTC (Slow Transit Constipation)

    4. Neurological disorders


    For more information visit:
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  • What types of stoma are there?

    There are several types of stoma:


    1. Colostoma: In a colostoma, a piece of the large intestine is passed through the abdominal wall.


    2 Ileostoma: An ileostoma sits on the small intestine. A small piece of the small intestine is brought out.


    3. Urinary stoma: A urinary stoma is made using a small piece of small intestine. One end of the bowel is attached to the two ureters. The other end is removed from the abdominal wall and sutured in place. As the piece of intestine makes contractile movements, urine can be pumped out.

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