• Make it easier on yourself.

    Always change your ostomy bag hygienically without inconvenience with the MENSAM Ostomy Kit.

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My grandmother HAD difficulty changing her ostomy bag on the go.

Therefore, I have the MENSAM Stoma Kit developed. With the MENSAM Stoma Kit, you will always be prepared on the road .

1. You put this in your bag with your goodies in it.

2. If you need to change your ostomy bag on the go or you have a leak then you have less stress!

3. In fact, you glue the MENSAM Stoma-Kit to the wall, creating a kind of table

4. Afterwards, you throw in the MENSAM Ostomy Kit with the used ostomy bag discreetly away.

✔ Leaving home prepared
✔ Always a clean work surface with you
✔ Disposing of your ostomy bag discreetly

More than 1.726 ostomates have already experienced greater convenience.

4 MENSAM Stoma Kits for only 4

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  • 1. Preparation

    Put the clean material in the Stoma-Kit at home

  • 2. Hanging

    Stick the Stoma-Kit to a wall

  • 3. Changing

    Put the used ostomy bag in the Stoma-Kit

  • 4. Discard

    Close the Stoma-Kit with ostomy bag in it and discard it

  • Difficulty changing?

    Not anymore!
    ✔ Get out of the house prepared
    ✔ Always have a worksheet with you
    ✔ Dispose of stomazak discreetly

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What do our users think of the MENSAM Stoma Kit?

Be proud of yourself with the MENSAM Stoma Kit

With MENSAM, we want to do our bit to break the taboo surrounding a stoma. Leoni had a stoma until recently and wants to help break the taboo around a stoma. She even entered a bikini contest with her stoma. Why? She is proud of who she is and wants to break the taboo around ostomy.

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The emergence

The idea of developing my product was born by my dear grandmother. In 2017, she asked me to come up with a solution to regain mobility with her stoma. After two years of testing, researching and designing, I developed Mensam Stoma-Kit.

MENSAM Stoma-Kit is a tool that helps ostomates feel more independent and socially mobile again. The result? My grandmother is more independent again and I am very happy that we, not only my grandmother, but also all ostomy wearers can offer a mobile solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Order process

Ordering Process:

Ordering is very easy through our website. You can do this
24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Below is the ordering process

We have one product the MENSAM Stoma-Kit. We have this in 3 variants namely, the basic kit (4pcs), plus kit (8pcs) and a benefit kit (16pcs). For all variants it is also possible to have them delivered monthly or once every two months. These subscription types can be cancelled, changed or
paused at any time.

After you have been able to choose between the variants you can
put the item in your shopping cart by clicking on the button. Have you added all items to your shopping cart? Then click on "checkout". You will now be redirected to the checkout page.

The checkout page consists of three parts: Information Shipping and Payment. At information you fill in your data, at shipping you check
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After your payment you will be redirected to a
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Delivery time when ordered today:
NL (1-2 working days)
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FR (3-6 working days)
DE (3-6 working days)
ES (3-6 working days)
IT (3-6 working days)
UK (3-6 working days)
USA (5-12 working days)

Delivery information:
The package fits through the mailbox. Staying at home is not necessary.


If the product is not good, you will receive a new package.

Subscription cancellation

You can cancel at any time; with us there is no fine print that makes

Material & dimensions

Length x width x height: 18 x 15 x 5 cm.

Compartment 1 (clean items): Paper 170 grams
Compartment 2 (used items): Paper 170 grams & the inside plasticized (30 min water resistant)

How the Stoma-Kit works

1. At home, put the necessary items in the Stoma-Kit.

2. Put the Stoma-Kit in your bag.

3. Are you on the road and need to change? Stick the Stoma-Kit to the desired wall. Now it is possible to change your ostomy pouch with just two hands.

4. Put the full ostomy bag in the Stoma-Kit.

5. Finished changing? Remove the Stoma-Kit from the wall and close it.

6. Throw the Stoma-Kit in a trash can.